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Earthi Instant Sanitizer
Earthi Instant Sanitizer


Earthi Instant Sanitizer

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Product Description:

Fulfil all your sanitization needs with this 5 liter Haeal Earthi Instant Sanitizer. It contains Aloe Vera that softens skin and prevent wrinkles. The alcohol content in this spray helps to thoroughly clear out 99.9% of germs and glycerin helps protect from external pollutants. This easy to carry pack will keep your hands fresh wherever you are.

Item Type: Hand Sanitizer
Item Form: Gel
Category: Hygiene
Contents: Each 100ml contains Isopropyl Alcohol - 75.15ml, Hydrogen Peroxide - 0.125ml, Glycerine - 1.45ml, Aloe Vera gel - 0.5ml, Perfume , Colour and Water