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Dashmoola Jeerakarishtam 450ml
Dashmoola Jeerakarishtam 450ml
Dashmoola Jeerakarishtam 450ml


Dashmoola Jeerakarishtam 450ml

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Product Description:

Dasamoola Jeerakarishtam is a mixture of Dashamoolarishtam and Jeerakarishtam, a traditional tonic that aids digestion, smoothens bowl movements and relieves backache, pain in the legs, and body pain. Haeal Dashmoola Jeerakarishtam helps you from gastric troubles during pregnancy and delivers strength to your body. It relieves nausea, improves appetite, and ensures proper digestion.

  • Supports the uterine function after pregnancy
  • Soothe digestive troubles.
  • Maintain optimum hormone levels.